Open-source projects

Copy Data since April 16th, 2020

Copy Data is a Windows utility that adds to the explorer context menu (a.k.a. shell context menu) an option to copy the file contents to the clipboard. It works with different types of images and text files, including rtf. Currently hosted at GitHub: 

Statistic Process Control Chart since March 31st, 2016

Statistic Process Control Chart is an open-source R extension package ( to generate time series chart for individual values (IndX) with mean and +/- 3 standard deviation lines and the corresponding moving range (mR) chart with the upper control limit. Also, execute the 8 Shewhart stability run tests and display the violations ( Currently hosted at GitHub:

BitBucket Mylyn Connector since January 3rd, 2012

The BitBucket Mylyn Connector (BitBucket Mylyn Connector: is an open-source Eclipse Platform Plugin (Eclipse Platform: which allows an easy integration between Eclipse, BitBucket's issue tracker and version control systems like Mercurial and Git, associating code changes to issue tracker issues through commits comments allowing automated traceability.

JSalt since March 20th, 2011

JSalt (JSalt: is an open-source library which provides an easy, fast and safe way to encrypt passwords using salted hash algorithms compatible with JCE. The encrypted password may be generated in hexadecimal or encoded in base64. Besides that JSalt provides a password comparator that is safe against time attacks. The comparison time varies per length of the tested string and not the password's no matter the password's length, making it impossible for an attacker to find out even the length of the password in time comparison attacks. Currently hosted at GitHub:

EJUnitB3 from December 2007 to January 2009

Creation of an open-source automated testing framework to run EJB3 tests integrated to JUnit 4.x, 3.8.x and TestNG (EJUnitB3:, allowing dependency injection by EJB3 annotations without needing an application server, being able to couple with several EJB3 stand-alone containers.

This project has been discontinued due to better approaches to testing EJB 3.x being developed.

Closed-source projects

After Credits since February 16th, 2015

My first experience developing and Android app, Wait For Stinger (Jan '13) has undergone a major revamp with the contribution of What's After The Credits? ( After some iteration with new requirements being incorporated it is available at Google Play ( and Amazon Appstore ( for free using Google Ads for monetization. By providing the movie title (in English) the app looks for it at What's After The Credits? site and loads information about scenes during or after credits.

Trilobyte since April 24th, 2014

Trilobyte is an Android App available at Google Play which allows an employee to check his worked hours recorded in REP 1000 models from Trilobit (electronic devices that record when the employee arrives and leaves the workplace). This app was developed by reverse-engineering the UDP network packets captured during the communication of the official desktop software and the device. To do that it was necessary to break down the data fields of the UDP packages, determine how the checksum was calculated, how the packages receiving was controlled and other details (